I was trained in Western veterinary medicine and have treated numerous commonly occurring medical conditions in small animals, such as diabetes, arthritis, hypothyroidism, etc. I have also managed emergency cases such as traumatic injuries and toxin exposures. Surgeries I have performed include: routine surgeries such as spays, castrations, and mass removals, as well as more difficult surgeries like bloats, cystotomies, and exploratories. I am a strong advocate of spaying and neutering, both to curb the pet overpopulation crisis, as well as for the health benefits to the individual animals. All of my surgery patients receive analgesics (pain relief medications).

I do not perform cosmetic procedures such as ear crops and non-therapeutic tail docs. Additionally, I do not perform cat declaws and encourage people to learn about alternatives to declawing cats. Many people are unaware that a declaw involves amputation of the last digits (bones of the toe) where a cat bears his/her weight. Post-operative complications following a declaw procedure can include severe pain, litter box aversion problems, lameness, and increased tendency to bite. Humane alternatives to this procedure include: the use of soft paws; frequent nail trimmings; and training a cat to use a scratching post.

Euthanasia is a service that veterinarians provide to end an animal’s life if and when it is deemed appropriate to do so. Having euthanized many hundreds of animals in my career so far, I do appreciate the privilege of being able to alleviate suffering of animals in this way, but am also careful to consult with the client to insure the decision to euthanize is one that has been considered carefully and is being done with the animal’s best interest in mind.

I understand the emotional toll that making such a decision can take on someone who has cared for a beloved animal companion. Also important and worthy of consideration is the emotional burden borne by the veterinarian carrying out the act of euthanasia. For this reason, I expect to consult with a pet guardian regarding the reason for euthanasia before agreeing to euthanize an animal.

Recommendations from clients of Dr. May:

“Armaiti May is a skilled professional, whose commitment to animal welfare is extraordinary. She is a compassionate veterinarian, dedicated to providing patients with quality care.”
—Marie Oser, CEO of VEG TV


“Dr. May is a compassionate and caring person, and a fine vet. When Chewie, a geriatric chow mix, pulled up lame, she came to the rescue with acupuncture. The acupuncture was preferable to keeping her on the medications that were not working so well and were also hard on her internal organs. Dr. May is competent, courteous, and punctual. Her skills are without question some of the finest I have seen with animals and their guardians. I highly recommend Dr. May should your animals require a vet.”
—Maurine Dodge & Chewie