Dr. May has been my in-home veterinary for over 5 years. She is amazing and is one of the most compassionate and professional veterinarians I have ever experienced. She truly loves animals and I would highly recommend her for any routine or emergency service.

Haze W.

Dr. May is a truly wonderful veterinarian. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, caring, present, and is committed deeply to helping animals. She is available, punctual, very reasonably priced, and provides amazing veterinary care, all in the comfort of your home. We see her every week for acupuncture & massage for my 10-year-old Berner, and we look forward to the appointments tremendously. Dr. May is a gifted vet and a beautiful person. I cannot recommend her enough.

S W.

Dr. May’s home visit for my dog Jaz Jupiter was an amazing experience. Dr. May is caring and professional. I not only got Jaz’s teeth done they look like a puppy and she is 6 years old] But I got her nails and ears cleaned too! I talked to Dr. May about continuing care for Jaz. She is so informative. It is clear she loves what she does and all animals big and small. I plan on Dr. May being my dog’s Vet for all her needs.

Wendy Sue D.

Dr. Armaiti May is the best! 1st, my cats hate to go into the vet, it gives them anxiety, and then their anxiety turns into my anxiety. It’s such a pleasure to have Dr. May to visit the home. She is loving and knowledgeable. My cats receive excellent care and we all have a much more pleasant experience overall. She even cleaned their teeth! I can’t recommend Dr. May highly enough.

Jamie A.

Dr. May is very knowledgeable and pursues the vegan practice. She is very sincere and loves animal friends. My dogs love her very much and I plan to visit her regularly because dogs mental health is also very important. A great great great Vet.

Hui L.